Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ladies loving Limpopo!

Hi all-
The girls are all quietly settled into their sleeping bags, even though it is barely past nine pm. After waking at dawn to hike through the mist covering the low African mountains, they have decided that this Africa is very different than the one they've grown up with in The Lion King. Our first week has been full of adventure, or as one of our our African guides calls it, "Challenge by Choice." They have hiked through the mountains, gone zip-lining over waterfalls, and rappelled from cliffs. We have eaten bread pudding, boerworst, and gallons of rooiboos tea.  They have learned the basics of Afrikaans, the apartheid era, and pre-calc.
Tomorrow morning they are visiting a local high school and 10th graders are taking them to all of their classes. They are excited to attend a local school for a half-day.
By early next week, the girls will have access to phones to answer questions and tell their own tales... until then, we'll keep the stories coming!
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