Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Class updates from Aunge


The precalculus class continues to build their mathematical terminology base and help one another solve problems both in and out of class. The students mastered the concepts of moving parent functions around the coordinate plane based on various shifts, reflections and stretches/compressions which occur due to specific algebraic operations. The group is now focusing on polynomial and rational functions to understand the relationships between variables described with a function. In class we are studying the end behavior of functions, the leading coefficient test, x and y intercepts, and symmetry to graph polynomial functions. Next we will explore the different methods of dividing polynomials.


The past weeks have been busy in the language class practicing Zulu, Xhosa and Afrikaans. The language class now prepares weekly language nuggets for the Global Studies class for all the other girls to learn greetings and expressions in various languages. These presentations help the language students gain confidence in their speaking abilities, and I now hear them frequently trying to converse with shop vendors and fellow campers in different languages. For midterms the students created colorful and creative children's books sharing information about the languages and cultures of South Africa. This week the girls will have numerous opportunities to practice Afrikaans with their homestay families.

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