Tuesday, October 25, 2011

River Days and Nights

Kayaking the Orange River in Namibia is a fantastic way to explore the scorching desert while staying cool. Before embarking on this four day water adventure, you, and your group will be paired with experienced local river guides. As you float down the river you will find you are surrounded by an ancient geological landscape. Kayaking skills will be put to the test paddling through challenging, but exciting rapids. After a long day on the river you are welcomed by an African night with the Milky Way hanging above your head and a warm meal cooked by your river guides. This kayaking adventure is recommended for anyone who is capable of vigorous physical activity and who possess the eagerness to explore the Orange River!
-- Text by Izzi, Junior, Kansas and photos by Tate, Junior, NY (click on the photo to view the Namibian night sky in its full glory!)

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