Saturday, November 5, 2011

a few class updates


The precalculus class finished the third section of their studies this week with the completion of the rational and polynomial functions chapter. The class studied the smooth and continuous curves of polynomial functions. They identified end behaviors, multiplicity of roots, x and y intercepts in order to correctly graph equations on the coordinate plane without relying on a calculator. The students then moved into rational functions and identified various types of discontinuities. The class learned to differentiate between the vertical, horizontal and slant asymptotes and include asymptotes on the graph of rational functions.
~ Aunge

Languages of Southern Africa

The languages class has been inundated by unique guest speakers who hold strong views about culture and the spectrum of cultural norms over the generations. We learned greetings in Herero, Nama, and three of the seven main OshiDonga dialects. Guest speakers have shared the way their lives have been influenced by tourism and their decisions to leave native villages while trying to keep their tribal identity. The class is now focused on German, a national language of Namibia. We are diving into conversational German by creating dialogues, songs and skits about greetings, expressions, directions, and foods.
~ Aunge

Math Concepts

The Math Concepts class studied the various investment types and debated which investments they would feel most confident putting money in. Each student presented one type of investing and highlighted the nuances of their topic. The students are eager to learn more about how the economy can affect investments, and we will move into the study of economics this week. Throughout the past two weeks the girls have also been compiling their resumes and studying what to include in resumes and cover letters. The students are currently prepping for a job interview by studying common interview questions and interview skills.
~ Aunge and Brenna

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