Sunday, November 27, 2011

TTS18 Gives Thanks!

Here are messages from each girl, written on Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing your daughters with us on (for some of them) their first holiday away from home.

Dear Family,
As I write this from Botswana I'm so thankful you sent me here! I
can't imagine Thanksgiving without Cliff and I fighting with Chad
about something in the kitchen...But I know we are thinking of you
guys! And I'm going to miss getting up butt crack of dawn to go black
Friday shopping with you guys! And I will miss some pumpkin pie :)
Much Love Cassy

Dear Mumps, Paar and Benjamon the lunch lady,
I miss you guys so much! I just wanted to dwell and say I am thankful
for you sending me here and being really awesome. I am thankful for
you guys buying me the horny toad (which I am wearing and haven’t
washed since Cape Town). And thanks for always being there when I need
you to dwell!
Love you guys!

Padre, Madre, and Jess-
Thank you so much for sending me off to Africa for a semester even
though it was a bumpy road to get here. Thank you for hangin in there
with me when it got tough and for the good times too. Thanks for love,
family, and helping me get where I am today. I'm thinking of you guys
everyday and having an incredible time! This is AFRICA! Miss you and
love you!

Momma, Dad and Booboo
Thank you so much for letting me go on this incredible experience. I
want to say thank you for teaching me all the things that I know.
Thank you for staying with through all the bad and good times. Thank
you for are all the love, the family, animals and giving me room to
grow. I am thinking of you everyday here and I miss you and will see
you in 10 days! I miss you and love you.
Love you tons McCall.

I am thankful for so many things in my life right now. Of course my
wonderful family who has supported me so much in this whole process
and has always been excited to hear from me. Especially to my mom who
has done all the forms and paperwork for my semester in France. Thank
you so much!!!!!
Also just to be here and all my wonderful classmates and teachers.
Thank You!!!!! Happy thanksgiving! I love you all!
Xoxox Nell

Mommy, Daddy –
Happy Thanksgiving, tell my beautiful Aunts that I love them and that
I will miss stuffed portobello mushrooms! Hug my little brother (whom
I'm thankful for, but you don't have to tell him that, jk). Anyway,
thank you for everything; for getting me out of the door at thirteen
because without that push I wouldn't be here in Africa right this
second typing to you from a swank hotel lobby. So thanks, I love you!
Don't get too stuffed and drive safe on the way home!
See you! <3333

Mom and Daddy,
Happy Thanksgiving!! I can't believe I won't be there this year, but
I'll be home soon and I can NOT wait to see everyone. Thank you so so
much for enabling me to come spend half of my junior year in Africa..
I have learned an immense amount of things which I will carry with me
for the rest of my life. SEE YOU IN 10 DAYS!!!! You better save me
some of Aunt Fani's pumpkin soup :).
LOVE YOU xxx! (and you too I Adam, I guess)

Happy thanksgiving Mom, Pops, and Een!
I am so thankful that I am in Africa right now, learning and seeing
so many new things! It is tough being without you three, but I know
this is something I have to do on my own and I will be home really
soon! Tell everyone who's over that I say I love them and miss them
and I hope Mom doesn't put popcorn kernels in the turkey (Nani knows
all about that)!
Much love,

Hey everyone!
Happy thanksgiving! I wish I could be there to spend this holiday
with everyone, but Africa is amazing and I am so very thankful I am
here right now. I love and miss you guys! 11 days!!!!

Mamacita and Ole' Gappy (Schana/ Ana),
Happy thanksgiving! I am going to miss getting taken out of school
early to clean the house (OK, that was one time, but it was awesome)
and the house being crazy crowded and eating your blueberry pie with
the dandy designs. An African thanksgiving is pretty cool as well :).
I am incredibly thankful to be here, to have you two as my family and
my bros, and for being a Brease. LOVE YOU! HAPPY
Emmy Brease

Jambo! (too bad they don't speak kiswahili here)
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all enjoying this fine holiday. I
am going to miss getting up early and going to serve at ARC and then
spending all day waiting to go to the Rutman's for dinner. I am super
thankful for being able to spend the past fourteen weeks in Africa.
Thank you so much for letting me have this experience. Please give Ann
a big squeeze for me...remember her? I love you all muchly.
Halle Schirmer

Hey Family!
Just wanted to say I love and miss you guys. I'm so glad I am able
to be here in Botswana (ahh!), and that everyone has supported me in
this adventure of mine. I bet dinner in Cotuit is going to be AMAZING
as usual. Mmm thinking about it makes me hungry. Thanks you so much
for absolutely everything! Hugs all around!
- Liza

Mom! Dad!
Happy Thanksgiving!!! I just wanted to say thank you for everything
this year and I'm so happy to be here! Enjoy that turkey and stuffing
and delicious foooood! I'm going to have an incredible Thanksgiving
with my TTS family this year :) See you soon!
Love, Tate

M and D, Erin and Rachael,
I hope you are all enjoying upside down turkeys and gluten free
stuffing. I am so thankful for you guys and all the opportunities I
have received. Shout out to Madi, Katie and Abby, Can't wait to see
everyone and eat Christmas pudding. Miss you!!!
Love, Alipunjha

Madge, Padge,Linds and Gare
Sad to be missing the thanksgiving in Palm Springs. I am so thankful
for all you do for me, and being able to be here in Botswana. I hope
you guys have the best day and say hi to Grandma Rickie and Grampa
Jack for me. Seriously can't wait to see all you in a couple weeks.
Love Always/Arctic Tundra,

This is my first ever Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for being able
to celebrate it with my second family here. I am also thankful for all
my family waiting for me at home. Miss you and love you all!
Lots of Love, Nellie

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