Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to Eat Sand

Our thighs protested in pain as we trudged further up the steep sand dunes, feet sinking every step we took. When we reached the top, an expanse of sand stretching on for miles lay before us. In the distance we could see Swakopmund and the blue of the Atlantic Ocean. With assistance from a guide we slowly lowered ourselves onto the board, ready for speed. Our screams of joy and terror echoed off the dunes, as we reached maximum velocity and the sand shower began. Our muscles ached as we tried to shield ourselves against the incoming tide of sand. Using our feet as rudders they faithfully steered us down the dune. As our journey came to an end, speeds reached 70 kilometers per hour. For some, the journey ended quickly, as we tumbled down the slope, in an array of sand, boards left far behind. Even the two of us who did not fall off our boards, could not escape the sand which entered every crevice of our body. It could be found in our noses, ears and teeth. Even though sand covered every spare inch of us, joyous grins filled our faces as we staggered back up for another run.

by Jessie, Nellie and McCall

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