Saturday, November 12, 2011

Parents in Namibia with TTS18

A quick note from Aunge, "I thought I would pass along that the parent trip is going great. The girls are all excited to see familiar faces and to get some letters from home. Of course there were bits of homesickness from the girls whose parents are not here, but our visiting parents have swept those girls up and brought them into the group."

Phenomenal moments so far at CCF (
- Watching the cheetahs exercise and run
- Meeting the 4 new cheetah cubs - 14 months old and training to be the new mascots for CCF (They were brought here when they were about 2 months old)
- Sudza meal with the parents -- this is an amazing white corn mealy mush to be eaten with cabbage and peanut sauce and sometimes meat and is quite yummy!
- We brought the first rains to CCF and boy was it a downpour, but it made for a glorious sunset!
- Clearing the cheetah pens of little acacia trees to protect their little paws & also making shade netting
- Watching a Japanese filming this morning to watch the cheetah cubs exercise - they hit speeds of 88 km/hr WOW!
-Having dessert tonight with Dr. Laurie Marker - to be followed up with a movie and sleepover in one of the parents houses.

Now that sounds like fun!

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