Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aunge's Classes


The Precalculus students are gaining confidence in their usage of mathematical terms and concepts as we develop the classroom into a comfortable space to share ideas, questions and theories. The class completed the first unit and is now working through the basics of relations and functions. As their understanding of functions solidifies, students are mastering the concepts of how equations transform from a parent function and move about a coordinate plane.


Giggles continually surround the Languages class as students practice various clicks and uncommon letter combinations of the Xhosa and Zulu languages. These two languages are closely related in the Bantu language group and involve three different clicks. As the students repeatedly practice the palatal click, similar to the noise made to encourage a horse, their confidence in using the greetings and expression phrases expands. On a recent village tour the girls practiced Xhosa with the locals as they tried on traditional clothing, attempted to weave floor mats and delivered bread.


Six new lives were recently created by the Math Concepts students for the Game of Life. In class we now have a doctor, teacher, waiter, seasonal worker, Costco employee and dishwasher/mother. The students are using these personas to understand and develop budgets, apply for credit, and establish savings and checking accounts based on different life situations. The students are realizing the importance of consciously making wise money decisions throughout life while struggling to understand the difficulties of reality and misconceptions of the costs of college, rent, and bills.


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