Thursday, September 8, 2011


The precalculus class is busy reviewing various mathematical terms and strengthening their understanding of how algebraic expressions are defined and used. The students are practicing how to factor polynomials and rationalize denominators. The students are also working on verbalizing their problem solving strategies using succinct language to describe the necessary steps to solve a problem.

Math Concepts

In Math Concepts, the students are debating how money can define happiness for a person, a community, or a culture. They are working to define their individual key points of happiness and which factors contribute to a good quality of life. The students are making personal, financial, and educational goals based on different decision making strategies. This week the class will begin to investigate various banking terminology to set a foundation for the upcoming game of life.

Languages of Southern Africa

"Mengwanane!" and "Halo!" echo throughout the campsite as students practice greetings in various languages. The class is awed by the 11 official languages and is inspired by our guest speakers who are able to speak up to nine different languages fluently. Currently, we are focused on developing our understanding of Afrikaans, an offical South African language derived from Dutch. Earlier this week we practiced our pronunciation of various flowers and gardening tools with first graders at a local school. Next week we will begin studying Zulu while continuing with Afrikaans.

~ Aunge

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