Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brenna's Classes


Light from the flames wrap around the girls’ faces, hand in hand they circle round and round singing, giggling, smiling, gazing towards the stars their laughter carries over the ocean. A hook sentence engages the audience from the start and leaves the reader wanting more. During the past weeks Travel Journalism students focused on keeping the audience present through an entire article. From scaling up rocks to wandering Nelson Mandala’s homelands holding the reader's attention is never easy. Sometimes the most difficult element of writing is the balance of keeping the audience interested and selecting information you want the readers to know. Six weeks into the trip the students are filled with more experiences every day, making selecting a topic difficult and then writing about it in 750 words even more difficult. Learning how to write eloquently in few words is not easy and will be tested the next couple weeks while the students write their midterm article- a paper and three pertinent photographs.


After climbing in Watervel Boven and hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains the students had to settle for a “normal” P.E. class in Qunu. In Qunu we had a gym and were able to reflect on the old high school P.E. days. As we delve farther into the semester and experience more physically demanding activities, the students are coming to realize P.E. can be a beneficial class despite its challenges. This coming week we will be testing out the students’ surfing skills.


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